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HERO GEAR expanding product lines

Posted by Bryn on

Product range growing

It's hard to believe it's Easter 2016. Christmas seems to have only just been a few weeks ago. Where is the time going?

We have been working hard trying to expand our product offerings here at HERO GEAR and that seems to take up all the available time BUT I am pleased to say that we now have over 50 different GoPro HERO related products and BUNDLES for sale through our website.

We have added a considerable number of SP Gadgets items to inventory and I have to say I really do love the quality of the gear in their range.  

Now stocking Polar Pro Accessories

Rather than stock more of the same type of items (i.e. poles, cases, etc) we have looked for different sorts of accessories to stock in our store. I have been asked by a few people if we had any Scuba Diving filters in stock and had to say "No".  That prompted me to track some down to keep in stock.We have now hooked up with another supplier to stock Polar Pro accessories. Polar Pro have a range of quality filters for diving and snorkelling. 

One thing that we have found is that as we add new items to our product lines, more people are drawn to our website and can often end up buying multiple items, so we'd like to continue that trend. Eventually we'd like to be a one stop shop for ALL GoPro HERO camera related accessories and I know we still have along way to go but it's good progress.

Now stocking ZhiYun Tech Gimbals

Recently we were asked if we would like to be an authorised Seller for ZhiYun Tech accessories in Australia. Right now we have limited stock of the new ZhiYun Z1 Rider-M 3 axis professional stabilizing gimbal but if sales grow we will add more items from their range. 

The Rider-M is a wearable Gimbal and it makes a massive difference to the smoothness of footage captured. We have done several comparisons and can't hep but be amazed by the results.....

Octmasks available

One accessory I was not sure about was a diving/snorkel mask with a GoPro HERO attachment on it. However after seeing the OCTOmask, I was definitely impressed and we are now carrying these in stock.

Like us on Facebook

A great way for people to keep up with what we are adding to our website is to LIKE us on Facebook. I do regular status updates whenever I add a new product to the line up. Please LIKE us on Facebook to keep up to date.

Until next time.


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