Motion Control Equipment for DSLR

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Using your DSLR camera with Motion Control equipment and adding Dynamic movement to your video or Timelapse sequences, allows for the creation of much more visually compelling footage. HERO GEAR has a small range of Motion Control Accessories that may help you lift the quality of your projects from simple to Extraordinary.

We stock TurnsPro Panning timers, which will allow you to add Video/Timelapse panning. With TurnsPro, you have complete control over the degree of panning movement, number of Turns, duration and speed.

We also Stock Rhino Gear Motion Control accessories and a variety of BUNDLES that will take your projects from Amatuer to Professional. There's manual or motorised solutions to slide your camera along a track for Video and/or Timelapse. Using the integrated STOP/MOVE/STOP function for either Photo or HDR Timelapses means no camera movement while the photo is taken, ensuring the absolute best quality possible.

We will be adding more accessories and Bundles over time. Please follow us on facebook for updates when new items are in stock.