Batteries, Chargers & Bacpacs for GoPro Cameras

Batteries / Chargers / Bacpacs | GoPro HERO Camera Accessories

HERO GEAR sells a range of accessories for GoPro HERO Cameras including Batteries, Battery chargers, USB Wall chargers, Charging cradles, Battery bacpacs, and Extended Battery packs, to extend or replenish the battery life of your camera and make the most of every opportunity. Make sure you always have enough Spare batteries or Power alternatives in your gear kit.

You can use the Products filters on the left-hand side to filter via GoPro Camera model, to see exactly which Battery products we currently have in stock that are suitable for your model GoPro camera.

Brands include: Wasabi Power, Re-Fuel by DigiPower and SinoMax.

Important: As per Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), all Lithium batteries or Products containing Lithium batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods. Lithium Batteries may NOT be carried in the mail by air. That means that Express Post and International Post are not available for this item. We can only ship them via Australia Post using Road Transport.