Blog July 2017 - New NETO website enabled

Author: Bryn   Date Posted:28 July 2017 

The HERO GEAR website is now live......again.

It has taken a while but HERO GEAR has now completed the migration of our Ecommerce website to NETO. We have been LIVE for about 2 weeks now and whilst there are still a lot of things to finish setting up, we have been testing the system and it seems to work quite well.

While we were in Limbo between sites, we held off adding lots of new accessories because we didn't want to double handle. I'm glad that stage is finished because loads of new accessories  were simply sitting there waiting to be added.

The good news is that we have now added a whole range of SP CONNECT SmartPhone accesssories for Fitness, bike, car, etc and they are selling quite well.

We wanted to diversify our range so we are not just selling GoPro accesssories. To that end , we have also added Drones and Drone accessories from DJI. That is a really exciting development for us and we are keen to expand the range even further when possible.

Just a quick update to let you know what we have been up to.

Thanks for your patience and keep shopping.

Until next time.




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