Author: Bryn   Date Posted:15 April 2017 

This is our first blog from our new, revamped website.

HERO GEAR is in the process of changing from one Ecommerce platform (Big Commerce) to another (NETO). We have delayed this move for quite some time but the time has come to bite the bullet and get it done.

First up, Why? Well, a few reasons. One, Neto is located in Australia. Having our site hosted in Australia should help us with people in Australia finding our website after a Google search. It should help to better Optimize our site for Search Engines to match Google Queries. In SEO terms, it helps Google to understrand that we are a Local Australian site.

Secondly, NETO being based in Australia means a better connection with local requirements, like GST and Tax invoices. This was something that was more difficult using a US based platform. NETO also integrates better with local Australian Shipping solutions.

HERO GEAR will be using the NETO Ship module to connect with Australia Post and StarTrack initially. We have just signed up with Australia Post's E-Parcel service. That should translate into providing a better service to our customers. After an order is made, we will be able to automatically print shipping labels and update tracking information for customers to keep an eye on the delivery of their orders. That should be a Win-Win as it will help to cut back on follow up communications for both ourselves and customers, while improving awareness of the location of orders.

Thank you to all our existing/previous customers for buying from us in the past. We will be endevouring to improve the purchase experience in the future as the business continues to grow.