DJI OSMO Action Camera accessories

DJI is widely known for its superb Drones. The DJI Osmo Action camera is DJI's first Action camera offering. When it was released, the Osmo Action was an exciting quality alternative that would give GoPro a run for their money.

One market-leading feature of the Osmo Action was the front-facing LCD screen that allows you to see what you are shooting while in front of the camera, which makes it perfect for selfie video and vlogging. Since the release of the GoPro HERO9 which also has a front-facing LCD preview screen, the 2 models are of a similar level.

It will be interesting to see how DJI and GoPro compete to release new cameras that take the number one position.

One area where the DJI Osmo Action falls down is the range of available accessories.

We are stocking a small range of accessories that are specifically designed for the DJI Osmo Action Camera.

If they are in this category then they will ONLY work with DJI Osmo Action Cameras.

It should be noted that a huge number of accessories designed for GoPro cameras will also work with the Osmo Action.

The best way to see if an accessory is suitable for the Osmo Action is to filter via Compatible Model in each category.