Effects Filters - for GoPro Cameras

Macro Lens:
A Macro Lens is the perfect accessory for adding close-up magnified shots to your GoPro videos, allowing you to capture super creative close-ups.

Polarisation Filters:

Polarizer filters help reduce glare. When filming outdoors sunlight reflects off of many different objects: For Example Snow, Water, Roads, Trees, pretty much everything. Polariser Filters reduces light bouncing off these objects allowing the camera to capture more detailed and colourful images.

Neutral Density Filters:

While filming in bright conditions the ND filter will reduce excess bright light and reduce overexposure and blown out video. 
The Filter will also reduce the shutter speed creating a blur motion. It also fixes the common "Jello Effect" or wobble commonly associated with RC Planes/quadcopters, as well as Motorsports. 

Brands include: Polar Pro, GoScope,