Poles, Tripods, Hand Grips & Pistol Triggers

Poles, Tripods, Camera Hand Grips, Pistol Triggers| GoPro HERO Camera Accessories

HERO GEAR sells a range of accessories for GoPro HERO Cameras including Telescopic Poles, Rigid Poles, Articulating poles, Tripod mounts and Camera Hand grips.

There are a wide variety of ways to mount your GoPro HERO Camera to extend the reach of your camera and achieve new angles and perspectives.

Telescopic Poles

Telescopic poles allow you to get the camera higher to achieve a different viewing angle - For example: Using a telescopic pole at a rock concert or other crowded event could allow you a much clearer view above peoples heads.

Another reason to use a telescopic pole is to get your GoPro camera further away from your body. That way you can include more of yourself and your background in the shot. Great for Selfie Photos and Video.

Telescopic poles can extend from as little as 9 inches up to a massive 64 inches in length.

Rigid Poles

Rigid poles are available in a variety of sizes. Perfect for when you do a lot of the same activity and know exactly how long you want the pole to be.

Articulating Poles

Articulating Poles can be Pivoted to achieve different angles. A pole with one of more pivot point can help to easily keep the pole itself out of shot.

Tripod Mounts

There are a few mounts available that act like a hand grip but open out into a Tripod. Perfect for when you want to shoot video on the run but then decide to place your camera in a static position and get into the shot with a group: For example, on a rock, table top, bench, the ground, etc.

Also great for shooting impromptu timelapse sequences, when the camera needs to be kept absolutely still.

Hand Grips

GoPro HERO cameras are designed to be mounted - they can be a little awkward simply holding them in your hand. The best way to easily shoot video and photos while walking around is to use a Camera hand grip. The best Hand Grips have a nice comfortable handle. Some hand grips even float, so that should you drop the hand grip while over water, your GoPro HERO camera won't sink like a stone, never to be seen again.

Pistol Triggers

Pistol Triggers are similar to Hand grips but they include a trigger to activate the shutter on the camera. They can be used for taking photos and also to start/stop recording video. Perfect for one handed operation of your camera

Brands include: SP Gadgets, UK Pro, SoFoto, Polar Pro

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