Timelapse/Video Panning Devices - for GoPro

GoPro cameras are able to capture some amazing quality footage. Another awesome feature is the ability to Timelapse, either by capturing a sequence of photos and stitching them together in an editing program or by using the Timelapse Video function available in many models.

Timelapses can speed up normally slow events and can be immensely enjoyable to watch. Such as the movement of clouds, Tides, sunrises, sunsets, as well as Traffic, boats, people, etc.

To timelapse, it is extremely important that the camera is held in a static position so no movement can occur. You can use a Tripod, a bench, fencepost, brick wall - anything really, as long as the camera stays still.

That is unless you want to add movement to the camera to make the sequence more dynamic. It is important that the movement is in a controlled smooth manner.

The use of a Panning device on a tripod allows you to do just that, The device allows the camera to be moved in a very slow incremental manner that makes Timelapses even more interesting to watch.

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