Hand Grips / Handle Mounts - for GoPro

GoPro cameras are designed to be mounted - they can be a little awkward simply holding them in your hand. The best way to easily shoot video and photos while walking around is to use a Camera hand grip. The best Hand Grips have a nice comfortable handle. Some hand grips even float, so that should you drop the Hand Grip while over water, your GoPro camera won't sink like a stone, never to be seen again.

We stock a range of Handgrips and also Handle Mounts. Handle Mounts are slightly different and are best for activities when you need the camera close to the ground, such as for activities like skateboarding.

We stock Brands such as GoPro, SP Gadgets, UK Pro, GoPole, GoScope, Telesin, Ulanzi and our own brand: HERO GEAR.