Payment Options


We currently have 6 payment options when purchasing items through our website.

1) Paypal

Paypal is a fast and safe way of paying for items on Checkout. Paypal purchases also have the benefit of providing both Buyer and Seller protection (see for more information). Most Paypal payments are almost immediate, so your order can be processed quickly.

2) Credit Cards

We now accept Visa and Mastercard. All transaction are required to be authenticated using 3D Secure. We apologize for this extra step for credit card payments but e-commerce businesses are often a target for the use of stolen credit card details to unlawfully obtain goods.

3) Google Pay

We accept Google Pay. Payments are processed directly through our website using a Third-Party site. All transactions are required to be authenticated using 3D secure.

4) Apple Pay

We accept Apple Pay. Payments are processed directly through our website using a Third-Party site. All transactions are required to be authenticated using 3D secure.

5) AfterPay

We now accept purchases using AfterPay. Customers are required to open and authenticate an account with AfterPay direct. This will allow purchases to be paid for in fortnightly instalments. Shop Now, Enjoy Now, Pay later.

6) Direct Bank Deposit

We accept payments via Direct Bank Deposit. Please use the banking details provided on your Order. These details are also available on checkout.

NOTE: It is crucial that you use the correct BSB and Bank Account number as money paid to the wrong account is unlikely to be recoverable. We accept no responsibility for your loss if this occurs. Please Double check before making payments.

Please include both your SURNAME and the Order Number as a reference with your payment. Failure to do so may mean we can't match up your payment with your order and it will NOT be shipped.

Please be aware that it can take 1-3 days for Direct Bank deposits to be fully visible in our Bank Account and your order will NOT be shipped until we have received a verified payment. Sometimes the amount is there but we can't see the reference details and can't match the payment up with your order until later.

We are with Westpac Bank. Deposits made from Westpac to Westpac often occur the same day. Transfers from OTHER banks can take longer. Going to a Westpac bank to deposit over the counter MAY be the fastest Direct bank Deposit method.

Note: If you have OSKO Payments (Participating banks and financial institutions only), your payments will be visible a lot faster. Payments can be sent in under a minute.

Alternatively, it may be quicker to OPEN a Paypal account.

We DO NOT accept Deposit advices as proof of payment. Although MOST people do the right thing, a small element will try to obtain goods by sending fake information. We DO NOT ship any items until the payment is visible in our Bank Account.

We check the bank several times per day and once payments are confirmed, your order will be moved to Pick and Pack and shipped (as per our Shipping Policy).