Camera Cage/Frame - NATO Rail Compatible accessories

Camera Cage/Frame - NATO Rail Compatible accessories for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

A camera cage is a metal frame for your camera that serves multiple purposes including protecting your camera, allowing better hand-held use, and providing multiple mounting points for video accessories. Camera cages can be more stable and give you better grip and control.

Many professional Photographers and Videographers use Camera cages that are compatible with the NATO Rail system.

Nato Rails (also known as Z-Rails) are a standardised system that can be added to Camera cages and allows for the mounting of a variety of accessories such as top Handles, Side handles, Magic Arms, Monitor Mounts, Microphone mounts, and more.

Some camera cages even have built-in Natio Rails allowing for direct mounting of NATO compatible accessories.

This is a new category for us. So far we only have a small selection of Nato-Compatible accessories but we will be adding more over time.