Camera Stabilisers / Gimbals

Camera Stabilisation | GoPro HERO Camera Accessories

HERO GEAR sells a range of accessories for GoPro HERO Cameras including Camera Stabilisation devices.

There are 2 types of camera stabilisation:

1) Mechanical - Relies on weights to counter-balance the camera.

2) Electronic - Gimbal technology that relies on Electronic Gyroscope to stabilize the camera.

Both methods can help you achieve far more stable footage than just using your camera hand-held. You can achieve super smooth footage that will elevate the quality of almost any project.

Brands include: Removu and Feiyu Tech.

REMOVU S1 Rain Housing for GoPro HER04/3+/3 (Spare Part)

REMOVU S1 Rain Housing for GoPro HER04/3+/3 (Spare


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