Battery Chargers for GoPro Camera batteries

Battery Chargers for GoPro Camera batteries

Hero Gear stocks a range of Battery Chargers for GoPro Cameras and Batteries.

Brands include GoPro Brand, Wasabi Power, Ulanzi and Telesin.

This category includes Wall Chargers, USB Charging Cradles, Battery Charging Storage Boxes, and Auto Chargers.

Wall Charger

Using a Wall Charger allows you to use an electrical PowerPoint and USB cable to charge via the camera directly OR to remove the batteries from the camera and charge in a charging cradle.

Wall chargers usually have 2 USB outputs, allowing you to plug in 2 cameras at once or even 2 x charging cradles for multiple batteries at once.

A typical USB port can supply a maximum of 500 milliamps of electrical current at any given time. Wall outlets, on the other hand, can supply far more current: a typical household electrical circuit supplies 15 to 20 amps - although most device chargers themselves are usually limited to 2 amps at the most. Therefore, charging a device from a wall outlet is typically faster than charging it from a USB port. The GoPro Supercharger charges at up to 3A making it the fastest method to charge GoPro batteries.

Early GoPro cameras draw 5V / 1A. The HERO11, HERO10, HERO9, HERO8, HERO7, HERO6, HERO5, Fusion and MAX models draw up to 5V / 2A.

Wall chargers typically come with a selection of International plugs which allows you to use it in Australia but then swap over to different plugs when travelling overseas.

Charging Cradles

USB charging cradles are available as either Dual or Triple slot. They will allow you to charge multiple batteries separately whilst still using your camera.

Note: Most charging cradles prioritise charging a single battery. that way you get a fully charged battery quicker. Once one battery is charged, it charges the next.

Charging cradles are available for most model cameras and usually come with a suitable USB charging cable.

Battery Charging Storage Boxes

Battery Charging storage boxes are becoming more common now. They allow you to charge your batteries but can also keep the batteries safely in the box when not in use. Perfect for travel when you want to carry your spare batteries around with you in your backpack or bag. They are suitable to keep batteries safe in your Airplane carry-on bag.

Some have a simple charge status light showing whether the batteries are fully charged or not, while others show the charge status as a percentage. i.e 2 bars means 50% charged.

Auto Chargers

Also known as a Car charger. Allows you to plug into the 12V (Cigarette Lighter) socket in your car and charge up to 2 Cameras or Charging cradles at once.

Provides 1 Amp per port.

Genuine GoPro Auto Charger

Genuine GoPro Auto Charger