Battery Kits - for GoPro

Hero Gear sells a range of battery Kits for various model GoPro cameras that include 2 or even 3 batteries and a USB charging cradle (dual or Triple versions available for some models.

We also have bundles that include a USB wall charger as well. The kits come with a USB cable to plug into any USB power source.

However, it should be noted that all USB power sources are not created equal. Computer USB ports have variable Power outputs which means that it may take longer to charge your batteries using this method. the fastest way is to use a USB Wall Charger plugged straight into a PowerPoint.

Important: As per Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), all Lithium batteries or Products containing Lithium batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods. Lithium Batteries may NOT be carried in the mail by air. That means that Express Post and International Post are not available for this item. We can only ship them via Australia Post using Road Transport.