Camera Stabilisers / Gimbals - for GoPro

Camera Stabilisers / Gimbals - for GoPro

Camera stabilisers and Gimbals were invented BEFORE GoPro cameras had built-in Software-based stabilisation and it is now an outdated idea.

Hypersmooth Stabilisation was introduced along with the GoPro HERO7 and remains a staple feature in the HERO8 and HERO9. In the DJI Osmo Action cameras, the same feature is called "Rocksteady".

We no longer stock any Stabilisers or Gimbals but we do have some remaining stock of the waterproof housings for GoPro HERO4 that complement the Removu S1 Gimbal. Once those are sold, this category will become defunct.

There are 2 types of camera stabilisation:

1) Mechanical - Relies on weights to counter-balance the camera.

2) Electronic - Gimbal technology that relies on Electronic Gyroscope to stabilize the camera.

Both methods can help you achieve far more stable footage than just using your camera hand-held. You can achieve super smooth footage that will elevate the quality of almost any project.

We currently only have 2 items in this category.

- Telesin Dive Mount/Frames for 50/50 domes.

- Ulanzi Universal Handle Brackets

- Removu Waterproof housings that fit the Removu S1 Electronic Gimbal (that is obsolete now).