Housings for GoPro Cameras

Housings for GoPro Cameras

We sell Replacement Housings, DIVE Housings, Frame Housings and Silicone Camera covers. Early Model GoPro cameras came with a separate Waterproof housing as the cameras themselves were not waterproof.

The housings also helped to protect the cameras from minor impacts. More serious impacts could cause the original housings to be damaged and need replacing.

We stock a limited range of replacement housings for early models.

GoPro models from the GoPro HERO5 onwards were released with the camera itself being waterproof down to 10 metres underwater. This means that the camera can be used for most surface-based water activities without the need for an additional housing.

However, for Scuba Diving to deeper than 10 metres, a DIVE Housing is required to protect the camera. Dive housings are available for GoPro cameras to go down as far as 60 metres, although the majority of recreational dives are less than 20 metres underwater.

Filters can also be purchased to fit the Dive Housings and help colour correct footage due to the loss of colour spectrum experienced underwater - we have a wide range of filters available in our store.

Using an additional housing MAY also help to protect your camera when engaged in NON-water-based activities where the camera may be exposed to shocks and impacts. It can help to limit scuffs and scratches to the housing itself instead of the camera and keep it looking better for longer. Note: Serious impacts will most likely damage the housing and even the camera inside.

It should also be noted that placing a GoPro camera into a separate housing in a HUMID environment may cause "Fogging". Fogging is a well-known occurrence where the Humid air trapped in the housing condenses and forms fine water droplets inside the front lens cover area of the housing, ruining the footage. Fogging can be minimised by the addition of Anti Fog inserts into the housing with the camera to absorb the moisture from the air inside. We also stock these in our store.

We also stock Frame housings for GoPro HERO3+ and GoPro HERO4 cameras that provide additional protection for NON-water based activities. 

Silicone Camera covers give the camera a little bit of protection from general scuffs and scrapes and allow you to wear your camera on a Neck Lanyard. Also known as Sleeve and Lanyards.

This category is quite varied and may contain: Waterproof Housings, Dive housings, Skeleton Housings, Frame housings, Silicon covers, Replacement doors, Lens Protection and covers, Sleeve and Lanyards, GoPro Media Mods, Floaties, Vlog cases, Vlog Cages, Metal cages/Housings, and More