Powered Hand Grips for GoPro Cameras

Powered Hand Grips for GoPro Cameras

GoPro batteries last for around 1-2 hours each on average. If you are planning on using the camera to video all day, you will need to change batteries several times. 

Since you would probably already be using a Hand Grip to mount the camera on, using a Powered Hand Grip is an excellent way to get extra power without swapping over the Camera batteries. You can simply plug in a short USB cable from the Powered Hand Grip to the camera to get a huge power boost to get you through the day.

Powered Hand Grip capacities vary and a measured in MilliAmp hours.

It is a more compact way of getting extra power for your GoPro camera - right there inside a grip that your camera is mounted on.

There are even Powered Hand Grips that have a small Telescopic Section for extra distance away to capture more of the background behind you.

Perfect for vlogging all day.