Video Lights for GoPro Cameras

Video Lights for GoPro Cameras

Why use Video Lights?

GoPro cameras are able to capture some amazing quality video during the day and in well-lit areas. However, once the light starts to fade, the quality drops off considerably.

In these situations, you may need to use some additional lights to improve the quality of what you are capturing.

Activities that take place before sunrise and after sunset or indoors may benefit from using video lights. There's Night Skating, Mountain bike riding, surfing, hiking, Hot Air Ballooning, and vlogging to name a few.

We stock a variety of Video Lights for different situations that vary by size, weight, lumens, Brightness, and battery life. Some Video lights are waterproof for water-based activities.

We stock Brands such as GoPro, GoPole, Telesin and Ulanzi.

Other activities that benefit greatly from using Video lights are snorkelling and Scuba Diving. The deeper you go underwater, the more RED is lost from the Light Spectrum. This can result in washed-out-looking underwater footage. One solution is to use Snorkel or DIVE filters that help to colour correct the image but the best solution is to use underwater lights. The use of BOTH will help you capture the best underwater footage possible.