Vlog Cages/Cases - for GoPro

Vlog Cages/Cases - for GoPro

Vlogging is a very popular activity.

According to Wikipedia "In recent years Vlogging has evolved into a giant community on social media where people can release any information that they want. Vlogs are a unique way for people to help people in so many aspects of their lives. Written Blogs can't provide a visual design in the ways Vlogs can deliver deeper context through imagery".

Whether you simply want to record your life experiences and travel Holidays to share for your Friends and Family OR you have a dedicated following on Youtube, having the right gear helps make it easier.

GoPro cameras are popular for vlogging due to being so much lighter than DSLR cameras.

An accessory that makes vlogging even easier is the Vlog Cage. You install your camera in the vlog cage which has 1 or more cold shoe mounts to allow for the mounting of external microphones and/or video lights. Some vlog cages are made from Aluminium Alloy which provides better heat dissipation or from plastic which tends to be lighter. Plastic Vlogging cages are also sometimes called Vlogging Cases. Both provide an additional level of protection for the camera against bumps, scrapes and impacts.