Vlogging accessories for GoPro Cameras

Vlogging accessories for GoPro Cameras

Vlogging is a very popular activity.

According to Wikipedia "In recent years Vlogging has evolved into a giant community on social media where people can release any information that they want. Vlogs are a unique way for people to help people in so many aspects of their lives. Written Blogs can't provide a visual design in the ways Vlogs can deliver deeper context through imagery".

Whether you simply want to record your life experiences and travel Holidays to share with your Friends and Family OR you have a dedicated following on Youtube, having the right gear helps make it easier.

The later model GoPro cameras have made vlogging very easy. In particular, the GoPro HERO9 Black has a front-facing LCD screen that allows you to see yourself while vlogging. You can line up your shot and be aware of what is behind you.

If you are vlogging for any length of time, such as when travelling overseas, issues like weight become more important. Travel Vloggers often have to carry loads of gear including Tripods, handgrips, lights, microphones, spare memory cards, and heaps of spare batteries. You have to add all that to your baggage weight and get everything through the airport, so selecting the right accessories becomes crucial.

We stock a range of accessories that when selected in the right combination will make your vlogging experience easier. There are Vlog cages, Compact LED lights, microphones, memory card holders, spare batteries, battery cases, Storage cases, poles, Tripods, neck lanyards, and more.

Brands include: GoPro, Ulanzi, Telesin, Sairen, Saramonic, and PolarPro.