Scuba Diving/Snorkelling Accessories - for GoPro

HERO GEAR sells a range of Scuba Diving and Snorkelling accessories for GoPro Cameras.

We have waterproof dive lights, Underwater filters for a range of situations including Bluewater (Red Filters), green water (Magenta Filters), and variable depths (Snorkel Filters). We have a variety of fixed and telescopic poles. We also have Floating Poles and Hand Grips to help prevent loss of your camera while in the water.

We have additional Housings that can allow you to take your GoPro camera deeper underwater. Some DIVE Housings can go as deep as 60 metres.

We also have Marine Filter Kits that include a Housing and Filters together.

Brands include: UK Pro, Knog, PolarPro, SP Gadgets, GoScope, Ulanzi and Telesin.