SP Gadgets Brand Products

SP Gadgets Brand Products

SP CONNECT is a trademark of the international corporate group SP United Holding AG. The group includes locations in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, China, and the USA.

The Austrian owner and managing director, Thomas Krenn, founded the first company in Birgel, Germany, in 1988 to produce their own snowboard bindings. Almost thirty years later, SP Bindings is still on the market and continues to enjoy great popularity.

Since 2002, the products of SP CONNECT, SP Bindings, and the action cam accessories brand, SP Gadgets, have been produced at a new company-owned plant in China.

Sadly they decided to discontinue making the SP Gadgets Brand a few years ago and focus on their other products.

Hero Gear still carries a significant amount of SP Gadgets stock and will do so until sold out.