Microphones for GoPro Cameras

Microphones for GoPro Cameras

GoPro cameras have built-in microphones for capturing audio. They work reasonably well until it gets windy.

When the wind picks up, it might be a good idea to use an external microphone for capturing audio. External microphones can be fitted with Wind Muffs, sometimes known as "Dead cats" to help filter out the wind noise that can destroy the sound in videos.

There are 2 ways to input sound from an external Microphone directly into a GoPro camera.

1) The GoPro Microphone adapter can be used with GoPro models from GoPro HERO5 on. The Microphone Adapter plugs directly into the USB Type-C input and then allows you to plug in any 3.5mm external Microphone into that. Note: They can often be used in conjunction with a vlog cage or case which provides a nice tidy location to house the Microphone Adapter and keep everything tidy. We sell the Microphone Adapter AND Vlog cages in our store.

2) The GoPro Media Mod was released for the GoPro HERO8. It is a housing that you fit the HERO8 into. You then can plug an external 3.5mm microphone into that. The Media Mod also has Cold shoe mounts that allow you to mount Microphones and Lights onto it.

There is also a larger Media Mod that fits the GoPro HERO9, GoPro HERO10 and GoPro HERO11 Black cameras.

Using External microphones is popular with vloggers who want to achieve better quality sound than the GoPros built-in Microphones can achieve.