Power Banks - for GoPro

Power Banks - for GoPro

The average GoPro battery lasts for about 2 hours, give or take. This fluctuates depending on a number of factors such as Resolution, frame rate, using Protune, and ambient temperature.

Depending on the activity you are engaged in, having spare batteries to change over may be sufficient when your battery goes flat.

However, in cases where you don't want to disturb the camera or have it power down, an external power source is required.

This is particularly helpful when doing long Timelapse sequences. One of the best methods for a static timelapse is to use a Power bank where it can be located close to the camera and plugged in using a short USB cable.

Power banks vary by maximum Battery life and are measured in milliamp Hours (mAh).

We currently have a Telesin Power bank in stock that allows you to recharge 2 x GoPro HERO5 / HERO6 / HERO7 / HERO8 Batteries OR 2 x GoPro HERO9 / GoPro HERO10 / GoPro HERO11 Black batteries in it, plus you can use it to power your GoPro camera (any model) or even as a power source for your Smartphone.