Telesin Power Bank for GoPro Batteries | Suits HERO12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5 - 10,000mAh

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Telesin Power Bank for GoPro Batteries | Suits HERO12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5 - 10,000mAh

Keep your GoPro HERO batteries always charged and with you in the Telesin Power bank.

Uniquely designed for GoPro HERO batteries and compatible with GoPro HERO12 / GoPro HERO11Black / GoPro HERO10 / GoPro HERO9 / GoPro HERO8 / GoPro HERO7 / GoPro HERO6 / GoPro HERO5 models, this airline-compliant storage and charging box can go with you on your travels and even charge your phone or other devices with USB-A/USB Type-C connectivity when you're on the go.

Note: GoPro HERO12 / HERO11Black, HERO10, and HERO9 batteries fit directly into the 2x Battery slots OR GoPro HERO8, HERO7, HERO6, and HERO5 batteries can be inserted using the supplied conversion Battery trays.

The unit features up to 20W fast charging (Charger NOT Included), which is approximately four times faster than ordinary charging. A low-current mode featuring automatic recognition upon plugging in a device is suitable for select lights and speakers, mobile phones, and Bluetooth headsets. Charge your batteries and up to two devices simultaneously at normal speed, and charge the unit itself in 2.5 hours with a fast charger (Charger NOT Included).

Key Features

  • 10,000mAh Capacity Power Bank. Using high-quality 10000mh batteries, in line with the portable lithium battery GB31241-2014 Safety standard (China).
  • For GoPro HERO12/11/10/9/8/7/6/5 Batteries
  • Suitable for Original GoPro Brand OR third-party batteries.
  • Battery Storage for up to 2 x batteries and Charging Supported. Automatic power off when fully charged.
  • Can be used to charge Phones, other Brand Action Cameras, and Other Devices
  • While charging mobile devices, it can charge up to four times faster than ordinary charging.
  • Airline Compliant (In Carry-on bags).
  • GoPro HERO battery slot: 4.35V.
  • USB-C input/output: 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A.
  • USB-A output: 5V/3A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1.67A.
  • A single HERO9/10/11/12 battery can be fully charged up to four times and a single HERO8/7/6/5 generation battery can be fully charged up to six times.
  • Up to 20W fast charge (Charger NOT Included) takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge; an ordinary 5W charger (Charger NOT Included) will take about eight hours to fully charge.
  • GoPro HERO battery terminal, USB-C, and USB-A can charge at the same time. NOTE: When USB-C and USB-A are output at the same time, the USB-C port will not support fast charging, and both perform as regular outputs.
  • There are four external charging indicator Lights to show the Power Status. Open the cover to see the status of the independent battery charging indicator Lights—short-press the button to check the power, and long-press for two seconds to turn off the output.
  • Size: 128.4mm x 62.2mm x 37.7mm
  • Net Product weight 253g

CAN also be used with other brand Action cameras and devices with a Type-C input such as DJI Osmo Action3,

Included in the Box:

1 x Power Bank

2 x Battery Trays (for HERO8/7/6/5 Batteries)

1 x USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable

1 x Manual

NOTE: Cameras, Batteries, smartphones, and any other devices are shown for demonstration purposes ONLY and are NOT included.


Barcode # 734598995089
Brand Telesin
Shipping Weight 0.4500kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.070m
Shipping Length 0.150m
Shipping Cubic 0.002625000m3

Very convenient and compact multipurpose Power Ban

18 July 2023
I don’t normally write product reviews, but in this case, I think it matters more than usual. When I purchased the Telesin Power Bank in July 2023, it was close to (if not actually) one-of-a-kind: a Power Bank with USB slots that *also* has integrated slots for GoPro batteries. However, 7 months after the product was released to the public, there were few reviews available and significant unverified aspects about its operation remaining, with several customers on other sites claiming their item was faulty. Nevertheless, I suspected this was a vocal minority and took a calculated risk to purchase the product. I am here to describe my experience with it. TL;DR – it has slight quirks, but it works well. I have used this item almost daily for over three weeks. I found it very convenient to carry it around in my GoPro carry case along with three batteries. A GoPro running continuously will drain its battery faster than the power bank charges a single battery, so with a minimum of three GoPro batteries in rotation (one in the camera, two in the powerbank), you can continuously swap a totally drained battery with a >95% charged one. Starting the day with a full powerbank and three full batteries gave me ~12-14 hours of continuous filming at 1080p/24 FPS without any trouble. It has completely replaced my need for the official GoPro dual battery charger. Overall, I am pleased with this purchase. At this moment it appears to be a unique product which does a reasonable job at filling a specific use case for people who want to charge GoPro batteries in a very compact fashion, instead of having to carry around three separate items (a GoPro battery charger, a regular USB powerbank and a USB cable between the two). To be honest, I’m surprised there aren’t more products like this from other manufacturers. There could still be improvements to this product, but I think it merits 4/5 stars. Here are several additional observations: - Both of my GoPro charging ports work *with the plastic latch closed*. This sounds like it should be obvious functionality, but there are multiple reviews out there with people saying their units did not charge GoPro batteries properly, or only charged them when the plastic latch was open. At the very least for me it operates as expected. I only have Hero 9/10/11 model batteries (I did not test the supplied insert for Hero 5/6/7/8 batteries), both the standard version and the Enduro version. Both versions charged properly in a timeframe consistent with the manufacturer’s claims (~150 min for a full charge). Interestingly, several times the batteries charged to 100% (as judged by putting them into a GoPro Hero 10 and looking at the reported charge), but the red LED light never turned green. Sometimes the green LED turns on at 100%, but generally not, so don’t trust the LED colours. I’ve seen similar confusion happen to the LED lights on GoPro’s official dual battery charger, and I don’t know why it happens. Ultimately, if the GoPro Hero reports 100% charge, then it’s charged and that’s what matters. I will say, however, that the charging slots on my item have slightly different sizes – both function correctly, but one of them is a considerably tighter fit for the battery and requires somewhat more pressure to insert, as well as being tougher to pull back out. It’s not an issue with the GoPro battery sizes being slightly different, because the same charging slot is tight when the batteries are swapped around. This could be a minor fabrication defect in the plastic casing, or maybe just slightly loose tolerances with the plastic case mould. - I charged a Samsung mobile phone using the USB-C to USB-C cable provided along with the powerbank, and it worked just fine. The powerbank was indeed capable of fast-charging, as confirmed both by the mobile phone display itself and the fact that it charged at a similar speed as to when directly connected to a wall socket using the proprietary Samsung charger included with the phone. - The powerbank charged with no issues when connected to a wall socket using the aforementioned proprietary Samsung phone charger, and obtained a full charge in somewhere around 3 h (the manufacturer claims 2.5 h with 20 W fast-charging). - The powerbank indeed was capable of pass-through charging (simultaneous charging and discharging), in accordance with the manufacturer’s claims. In one test, I was able to charge the powerbank by connecting it to a charging laptop via the powerbank USB-C to laptop USB-A ports, with the powerbank simultaneously charging two GoPro batteries and an iPad connected to the powerbank USB-A port. It took around 16 h to get everything to 100% charge, because the laptop could not fast-charge the powerbank, and there were three other devices draining the powerbank simultaneously. One thing I noticed is that if the powerbank is fully depleted and has GoPro batteries inside that are not fully charged, then just charging the powerbank over

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