PolarPro Brand Products

PolarPro Brand Products

PolarPro was established in 2011 making High-Quality accessories for Action cameras and drones.

From the beginning, they developed working relationships with industry-leading photographers and videographers.

These relationships allow them to see first-hand what professionals need to create epic content while in the field.

Pushing the limitations set by traditional camera gear, their team of designers are constantly exploring new ways to create, record, shoot, or in one phrase: capture perfection.

Combining professional insights with their own product development PolarPro has helped create the world's most advanced imaging solutions.

Hero Gear is proud to be Authorised resellers of PolarPro products in Australia. We import directly from PolarPro in the USA.

We stock a large range of items including UV Filters, Polariser Filters and Neutral Density filters for Action cameras and Drones, 50/50 Domes, Drone accessories, Storage cases, Memory Card cases, and More.