Dive Housings and Filters for DJI Action Cameras

Dive Housings and Filters for DJI Action Cameras

The DJI Osmo Action is waterproof down to a maximum depth of 10 metres. This makes the camera suitable for just about all other waterbased activities, except Scuba Diving.

For Scuba diving you will need to purchase a DIVE housing.

Note: Many people buy additional housings to further protect their cameras against bumps, scrapes and impacts for Above-water activities as well.

Due to the loss of the colour RED from the light spectrum the deeper underwater you go, you can add a filter to your Housing to help colour correct your footage.

This category includes GoScope Marine Kits for DJI Osmo Action cameras that include a Housing AND filters, rather than buying them separately.

We currently only have Marine Kits for DJI OSMO Action1 Cameras but hope to get stock of them for DJI OSMO Action3 Cameras soon.