Extended Battery Packs - for GoPro

Hero Gear sells a variety of Extended Battery Packs for GoPro Cameras.

GoPro cameras usually come with one battery in the box. Often simply purchasing extra spare batteries is sufficient to extend the battery life on a day out or when filming your favourite activity. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to change over a flat battery because you are in the middle of the activity and don't wish to stop filming while you swap batteries.

The solution is to use an Extended battery pack. Perfect for long time-lapse sequences, especially overnight when you need that extra-long battery life.

Brands include wasabi Power and DigiPower.

Important: As per Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), all Lithium batteries or Products containing Lithium batteries are classified as Dangerous Goods. Lithium Batteries may NOT be carried in the mail by air. That means that Express Post and International Post are not available for this item. We can only ship them via Australia Post using Road Transport.